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Graduate school of Clinical Dentistry


Graduate School of Clinical Dentistry, Korea University was first founded in March 2003. The purpose of the graduate school of clinical dentistry is to provide the medical service opening to the world, and foster high-quality personnel with competitiveness in the international settings. The graduate school will provide specialized dental clinical practices with a life-long education for those who work in the dentistry field, which requires more specialties in the modern informative and global society.

With pursuing integrated and comprehensive clinical dentistry research, this graduate school concentrates on fostering specialists and leaders who can utilize them in practice and have skills in independent education, research and problem-solving. As for the educational methods, most of the courses are allocated to clinical practices, away from theory teaching class, and focused on building specialist-level adoptive skills about problems in the real world. This included hospital management, psychology, futurology, as well as lectures, presentations, seminar-like discussion, case studies and, clinical practices.

Graduate school of Clinical Dentistry

By gradually learning academic theories and its applied methods necessary for educators and researchers in dentistry, it aims to build up independent research and teaching capabilities, thereby contributing to the development of practical dentistry. Furthermore, the graduate school runs short- or long term training programs and exchange programs with universities worldwide.

This graduate school is a special graduate school which covers the comprehensive clinical dentistry and Master's degree courses. Doctoral courses are currently associated with Graduate School College of Medicine, Korea University, however, Doctor's degree courses will be provided later at Graduate School of Clinical Dentistry. Since 2002, our graduate school has granted M.A. to about 200 students and run exchange programs with several Chinese universities for years for mutual development. We are also in a discussion stage about sister relationships with British Columbia University (UBC) in Canada, and some European universities.

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