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Graduate school of Health


after an establishment approved by the Ministry of Education in November 2, 1999, Graduate School of Public Health was opened on March 1, 2000. The graduate school was courses for Master's degree with three departments : Department of Environmental Health Science, Department of Epidemiology and Health Informatics, Department of Health Policy and Hospital Management.

About Departments

Department of Environmental Health Science

It aims to resolve a variety of environmental and industrial issues ranging from international environment to living life, environmental and industrial health in workplace. It aims to foster, train and educate specialists who will meet the requirements of society and companies which are related to environmental and industrial health fields.

Department of Epidemiology and Health Informatics

It basic studies of on all kinds of public health-related problems, and this in becoming more important with our society coming closer to information and data-oriented society. This field is one of the fastest growing demand-fields in governmental agencies like Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Korea Food & Drug Administration, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, and general hospitals. It aims to develop the principles of public health metrics and its methodologies, and use them in a creative way.

Department of Health Policy and Hospital Management

It explores the role and function of hospital, the understanding of hospital structure, and the buildup of effective management capacity. It provides various management skills, theories, and practices for the quality improvement of medical service. It also aims to foster, train and educate persons who worked or will work in a variety of public health institutions, so that they will have professional skills as a manager in those fields.


  • Those who have obtained or will obtain bachelor's degree in 4-year university in and outside Korea.
  • Those who obtained bachelor's degree by old university decrees.
  • Those who have completed scholastic courses for more than 16 years aborad.
  • Those who are equivalent to the above by other laws.

Degree Requirements

The duration of courses limited for Master's degree is 5 semesters at a minimum, and the limited duration of learning shall not exceed 5 years (10 semesters). The duration of class is more than 16 weeks and a class is held by major at night. Master's degree shall be given to those who obtained more than 24 credits in courses and more than 8 credits in thesis guidance, and who passed foreign language tests and comprehensive tests, and who submitted his/her thesis for Master's degree and passed in the public presentation judgment and oral tests.