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Medical library

Korea University Medical Library began it's genesis as the library of Kyungsung Women's College in May 22, 1948, and its independent library was established after the hall of the 2nd floor in the building of College of Medicine in Hyewha was innovated in 1969.

It was renamed as Korea University Medical Library Annex in December 20, 1971, it's name was later changed to Korea University Medical Library and was relocated to the new library with floor space of 1,078 pyeong(3.3㎡) on a four-story building located at the center between the Anam Hospital and College of Medicine this was in part financed by alumni and foundation support.

In April 1994, the library computerization started and Vintage, library computerizing program, was introduced in December 1995. LAN was built within College of Medicine and Medical Library in July 1996. As a result, the library was linked to the entire computer network system of Korea University, thus making it possible for any labs to access to library and administration networks in campus as well as updated medical information at home and abroad. Bibliography database such as MEDLINE, CINAHL, EBMR and 2,500 kinds of e-journals can easily be searched on the internet. Furthermore, the Medical Library carries the latest medical and life science materials and practices the open-shelf system, so that users can find them directly. Also, 500 seats, computer rooms, and resting rooms in the library accommodate users.