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This is the guidance on hospitalization and stay in room. Medical Affairs Team 02-920-5280


Tel Fax
Weekdays Admission 02-920-5195,5283,5284 02-928-3177
Discharge 02-920-5285
Afternoons and Holidays 02-920-5268(82-2-920-5268 from overseas) 02-920-5269


  1. STEP 1 Decide on hospitalization
    • After emergency treatment or ambulatory care, you will receive hospitalization certificate from your doctor and submit it to Admission/Discharge Window(No.1, 2, 3).
    • When you to be hospitalized at night or on holiday, you submit the certificate to night reception desks
  2. STEP 2 Registration

    Immediate hospitalization

    • After emergency treatment or ambulatory care, you will receive hospitalization confirmation and visit the hospitalization registration desk.
    • When you are hospitalized at night, visit the night-duty medical affairs staff.

    Reservation for hospitalization

    • We book your hospitalization for reservation depending on your schedule or when there are not enough beds.
    • You may go home after reservation for hospitalization.
    • Even when you make a reservation, you are not necessarily reserved for a six-bed room. You could be admitted to other types of rooms when there is no bed on the day.
  3. STEP 3 Hospitalization
    • When your bed is assigned, you submit the precautions during your hospitalization to ward nurses. Then, the ward nurse will inform you of what is required for your stay in hospital.



  1. STEP 1 Decide to discharge
    • You may be discharged when your doctor decides discharge. Typically, your doctor will inform you of the decision on discharge oneday before.
  2. STEP 2 Payment of medical expenses
    • You may pay the medical expenses on the discharge window. If you have any inquiry on medical charges, contact Medical Charge Part of Medical Affairs Team (Tel. 920-5307, 5231).
  3. STEP 3 Process
    • In the morning of your discharge, the medical charge statement will be issued. When you receive the statement, please make a payment on the Admission/Discharge window with it.

      Please submit the discharge process completion certificate to the ward nurses.

      After working/hour, on Saturday afternoon, Sunday a holiday, you are ahead to deposit the amounts at the night-duty recep- tion window and receive the provisional discharge certificate before you go home. In one or two days, you are asked to visit the hospital with the provisional discharge certificate and make full payments at the Admission/Discharge window. If you pay by the credit card, please make sure that you carry the credit card and receipt.
  4. STEP 4 Going home
    • You may need to receive medicines at the ward before going home.
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