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Our doctor who is the member of International Society of Travel Medicine with "Certificate in Travel HealthTM" will provide pre-and post-travel consultation to make your travel safer. During pre-travel consultation hour your itinerary will be discussed in detail along with your medical histories in order to assess individual risk and to provide vaccinations or preventive medication customized just for your trip.

Travel Clinic

In order to process the pre-travel consultation, please contact us four to six weeks prior to the travel and specify your travel itinerary including the countries and cities your visiting, accommodation types, travel purpose (tourism, business, volunteer work, research, medical tourism, etc.), travel season, and special activities you are expected to engage.

Wellness Clinic is designed to help our patients achieve optimal health through qualified personalized programs to change unhealthy behavior and provide personalized nutritional therapy. In order to provide this, our doctor will review your genetic background, environmental background, and life style along with functional medicine diagnostic tools (Organic Uric Acid, Salivary Hormone Test, and Hair heavy Metal Test) to find the causes of your symptoms and to suggest methods of prevention, before it becomes disease.

Wellness Clinic

International Healthcare Center offers premium services including In-depth head-to-toe health assessments, family history consultation and body insight check before health check-up.

Our doctor will suggest appropriate health check-up program according to your specific needs based on health condition.

Premium health check-up Clinic

Attentive, flexible, and tailored to your personal plan will help ensure a happier and healthier future for you and your family. We deliver a truly human experience supported by team-based approach and treat each individual with the respect and personalized attention.