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The Emergency center is in service round the clock

  1. STEP 1 Fill out the application
    • Please fill out an application at the reception window of the Emergency Center and submit it along with your health insurance card.
  2. STEP 2 Decide on admission / discharge
    • When you present your receipt and hospital card to the nurses, the physician in charge will decide on hospitalization or discharge after giving emergency care
    • Business hours for hospitalization registration
      Weekday 08:30 ~ 17:30
      Saturday 08:30 ~ 13:30
  3. STEP 3 Going Home
    • When you are allowed to go home and your prescription is issued, you make payment at the reception window and receive your medicine or out-of-hospital prescription from the hospital pharmacy in front of the reception window. You may go to any pharmacy you want to have your prescription filled.
    • You can use an ambulance when you go home or move to other hospital.


  • Emergency Center : 02-920-5373, 5374
  • Administration office : 02-920-5268
  • FAX : 02-920-5269
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