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How can I have 100% benefit of national health insurance for overseas alumni and Korean residents?

National health insurance charge is a price agreed between medical institutions and the government who represents the nation, so it is not applied to overseas alumni and Korean residents. However, Korea University Medical Center applies the charge to alumni and residents overseas. You can save more than a half of medical expenses. The national health insurance covers local residents 100 percent sharing medical expenses while it is not applied to overseas Koreans and alumni. Some alumni or overseas Koreans visit our hospital to think they would be covered by the same national health insurance as local Koreans are covered. This is not true. Please keep this in mind.

How can I make a reservation or inquiry?

In addition, we run our homepage ( http://ansan.kumc.or.kr ) where you can use the Health Counseling page.   If you make an inquiry, the nurse in charge will give sincere reply.   Here are contacts. Feel free to contact us.   (Anam Hospital 02-920-5893, Guro Hospital 02-2626-1114, Ansan Hospital 031-412-5102)

What can I do if I don't have any identification like Alumni ID or Member Card of overseas Korean association?

Please make sure you carry Alumni ID or Member Card of Overseas Korean Association with you when you visit hospital in addition to the confirmation issued by the Chairman of a alumni association or overseas Korean association. If you don't have any, please fax related documents to us.

Can I know a total of medical expenses in advance?

Medical expenses are determined by patient state, treatment methods and application as treatment proceeds. Therefore, it is hard to tell medical expense of a disease is fixed. We appreciate your understanding.    

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