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Treatment procedures


  1. STEP 1
    Your appointment is confirmed
    • Direct hospitalization

      After emergency treatment or ambulatory care, you will receive hospitalization confirmation and visit the hospitalization registration desk.

    • Reservation for hospitalization

      We book your hospitalization for reservation depending on your schedule or when there are not enough beds. You may go home after reservation for hospitalization.

  2. STEP 2
    Registration at the admission desk
    • Deposit

      In order for foreign patients to be admitted, approximately 100% of the estimated admission and consultation fee is expected to be paid upfront. This deposit can be made at the hospital discharge counter after consulting the administrative staff. If the actual payment you are expected to make at final calculation turns out smaller than the deposit you have made, the difference will be returned on the day of your discharge.

    • Guardian

      When the patient is hospitalized, the patient's guardian may stay with patient in the hospital. There is one extra bed provided for the guardian so that the guardian may take care of the patient and for the visit availability.

  3. STEP 3
    Treatment / Surgery
  4. STEP 4
    Decide to discharge

    You may be discharged when your doctor decides discharge. Typically, your doctor will inform you of the decision on discharge one day before.

  5. STEP 5
    Complete payment at the discharge desk

    After working/hour, on Saturday afternoon, Sunday a holiday, you are ahead to deposit the amounts at the night-duty reception window and receive the provisional discharge certificate before you go home. In one or two days, you are asked to visit the hospital with the provisional discharge certificate and make full payments at the Admission/Discharge window. If you pay by the credit card, please make sure that you carry the credit card and receipt.

  6. STEP 6
    Return home

    You may need to receive medicines at the ward before going home.