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Treatment procedures


Patients from overseas

* An international insurance policyholder should make a request for the issuance of a guarantee of payment before making an appointment.

  1. STEP.1 Make an appointment Request
  2. STEP.2 Send your medical reports
  3. STEP.3 Review and provide treatment opinion including treatment options and cost estimates
  4. STEP.4 Your appointment is confirmed
  5. STEP.5 Enter the country
  6. STEP.6 Treated as an outpatient
  7. STEP.7 Return home

Korean National Insurance Coverage holder

* Patients with Korean national health insurance policy needs to visit us with a referral request from a primary or secondary healthcare facility.

  1. STEP.1 Prepare your referral letter
  2. STEP.2 Make an appointment Request
  3. STEP.3 Make a payment for registration fee
  4. STEP.4 Consult your physician
  5. STEP.5 Complete payment at the cashier desk
  6. STEP.6 Test, Medication and Treatment (If need)
  7. STEP.7 Return home