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About Korea University Medicine.

A leader in medical developments through extension of new buildings, remodeling, high-tech equipments, and quality medical staff will take the lead in 'Global KU' with global standards

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With the opening as Kyoung-sung Women's Medical College in 1938, it was later renamed and annexed as Seoul Women's Medical College in 1948, Woosuk University College of Medicine in 1967, and Korea University College of Medicine in 1971. In 1983, the Korea University Medicine was formed, and its first director was inaugurated.

Proclaiming a new vision in December 2018, we pronounced the vision that we would enable the Future Medicine in our hospitals, focusing on humanity doing 4 strategy; 'Education for convergent and creative thinking', 'Global leader in the biomedical industry', 'Customized special treatments' and 'Realizing people-centered social values'. Since then, big changes and developments have been realized in Korea University Medicine.

Along with a new building of the 2nd College of Medicine, Korea University has contributed to reforming curricula and introducing a graduate school of medicine in the mid-long term. We are also leading medical developments in Korea by encouraging SCI papers and providing research funds for faulty professors.

With the recent remodeling and extension of research wards, Korea University Anam Hospital became a clean and comfortable hospital. Also, Korea University Anam Hospital became able to provide the best medical service we can, with qualified medical staffs and advanced equipments such as surgery robots and TLAS(Total Laboratory Automatic System). As a result, the internal review committee has been satisfied with the development of the hospital, and now prepares for JCI Certification, which eventually leads it to a world-class hospital.

Korea University Guro Hospital develops highly sophisticated medical technology for severe diseases and leads Korea's medical service with State-of-art medical equipment and enhanced research environments. We promise that Korea University Guro Hospital will continue to grow as a world-class medical institution in the fields of medical treatment, research and education.

As the only level 1 general hospital in the region, Korea University Ansan Hospital is now poised to raise itself to a higher level through research innovation and patient-centered service. With aggressive investment in medical infrastructure including facility and equipment, Korea University Ansan Hospital will ensure that the benefits go to the patients. Also, based on regional clusters we will re-create ourselves as a research innovation hospital that leads the undertaking of the converged medical research.

In addition, Korea University Medicine has been performing the duty of university hospital such as education, research, and treatment, and also participating in voluntary work in world-disaster areas as well as disadvantaged areas in Korea. Korea University Medicine tried its best to take the lead in 'Global KU' by leading medical development in Korea and growing to one of the world best hospitals.