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World-recognized “WORLD CLASS SAFETY KUMC”
I am pleased to greet you in our proud website.

I would like to first thank you for your enormous love and support for Korea University Medical Center, world-recognized the most secure health organization. Korea University has achieved the highest level of health care process in the world by acquiring JCI certification. With cutting-edge medical equipments and research facilities together with excellent staffs, we enhance the world status of Korea in all areas of education, research and medical.

Korea University Medical Center is a comprehensive medical institution that includes three medical centers including Anam, Guro and Ansan, as well as three graduate schools, Health & Science University, ten laboratories, and specialized centers. We are working very hard to enhance the medical and health development of Korea.

In modern society, the world is connected with information and communication technology, through which one can access so much information on the Internet in real time. Meeting the today’s needs, we have created a highly equipped website where you can arrange for appointment, health counseling, certificate issuance, medical information, professional center information, and Webzine subscription. The service is also available in English, Japanese and Chinese for foreign visitors' convenience.

We ask for your continuous cooperation and support. We are making our best efforts to provide visitors with useful and convenient information through our website. Korea University Medical Center is “the medical institution that all patients trust,” “the educational institution that only truthful knowledge passes,” and “the medical research institution that leads medical development.” We continue to serve as the representative hospital in Korea that competes with the world, and promises the healthy future of the Korean people. Thank you.

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