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2000 ~ 2009


  • 11.25Anam Hospital, Awarded the president's prize in the National Quality Management Competition
  • 10.01Opened the International Health Care Center
  • 09.01Opening Ansan Hospital Radiation Oncology Division
  • 07.18Acquiring JCI(Joint Commission International) certification
  • 05.26Opening Health Science Information Center
  • 05.25Selecting Guro Hospital medical devices clinical trial centers
  • 05.01Selecting Anam regional clinical trial centers
  • 03.04Starting temporary personnel management system (position and personnel evaluation system)
  • 03.01Opening Medical Professional Graduate School (selected 53 candidates for medicine sector mandatory master courses)
  • 02.11Acquiring certification of Excellent Corporate Employment Creation (Ace Club) (Seoul Regional Labor)
  • 02.01Inauguration of Dr. Heung Sik NA as the first dean of Medial Professional Graduate School


  • 09.02Establishing Anam Hospital Pediatric Surgery Division
  • 08.06Establishing Medical Professional Graduate School staff organization
  • 08.01Establishing Development Agency
  • 07.21Operating Ansan Hospital lobby convenience facilities
  • 07.08Opening Anam Hospital Call Center
  • 06.10Grand Opening of Guro Hospital (including new additions to the New Building and renovations to the Main Building)
  • 05.293.0T MRI starts operation
  • 05.08Cardiovascular Imaging System begins service at the Department of Cardiology
  • 05.06TLA begins operation in the Department of Laboratory Medicine
  • 04.29College of Medicine's 70th Anniversary Exhibition
  • 03.01Department of Health Science opens in the Graduate School of Public Health
  • 03.01Department of Bio-Medical Engineering opens in the College of Health Science
  • 02.14Integrative Medicine Center starts service
  • 02.04Linac starts operation
  • 01.21Breast Cancer Center opens


  • 11.19Plan for Anam Hospital Sports Clinic Center approved
  • 10.01Plan for Integrative Medicine Center approved
  • 08.27PET-CT opens its operation
  • 08.24Anam Hospital accredited as a clinical test center for medical equipment
  • 07.06Opening of the Robot Surgery Center at Anam Hospital
  • 06JCI Consulting at Anam Hospital
  • 04.19Dedication Ceremony of the New Building at Guro Hospital
  • 01.30Agreed Research MOU between Clinical Testing Center, the Guro Hospital and Guro District Office
  • 01.17Dissolved medical science research center. Renamed medical equipment room as medical science research support center


  • 12.05Agreed MOU with National Institute of Toxicological Research
  • 10.30Launching of TLA in Diagnostic inspection medical center
  • 09.28Agreed MOU between Anam Hospital and Changi Hospital, Singapore
  • 09.13Agreed MOU with Medical School of Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
  • 07.07Opening of 'Imaging Medicine Center' in the Guro Hospital(MOST)
  • 07.03Adjusted the number of beds in the Anam Hospital(increased by 132 beds)
  • 06.30Registered in Korea Intellectual Property Office for 5 types of trademarks of KUMC
  • 05.24Agreed MOU with Kazakhstan Medical University
  • 05.10Registered the patent of Integrated Cost System(10-0717997)
  • 05.01Designated the Guro Hospital as Korea Lung Tissue Bank, 'Korea Bio Bank' (MOST)
  • 02.21Designated the Ansan Hospital as the 1st Clinic Testing Institution


  • 04.12Extension, relocation and opening of college of medicine research center(formerly, Clinic Medicine Research Center)of the Ansan Hospital(3 and 4th floors of main building; a floor space of 546 pyeong)
  • 06.03Application for trademark right on KUMC image and name
  • 10.21Vision announcement of KUMC(Human-Centered Real Hospital Pursuing the Best)


  • 03.01Opening of Full Pacs and Imagery EMR.


  • 01.29Operating and opening of Angiography system in the Ansan Hospital
  • 03.01Operating of Hospital Information System(HIS), the Guro Hospital


  • 01.04Designated the Ansan Hospital as proxy agency for healthcare management(Ansan Labor Office- Industrial Medical Center
  • 03.01Began the self-supporting system on KUMC and operation of college of medicine(including graduate school of medicine)
  • 09.08Opening of Information & Computer Center of KUMC(operating Anam Hospital OCS)


  • 01.07Contract on hospital cooperation agreement between KUMC and Pusan Hanmi Hospital(director; Song-Won Cho)
  • 03.14Designated the Ansan Hospital as organ transplantation registration institution(MOHU)
  • 04.11Extension of the Anam Hospital (815 beds)
  • 05.20Designated the Ansan Hospital as institution for vocational environment measurement and special health examination(Ansan Labor Office- Industrial Medical Center)
  • 06.27Designated the Ansan Hospital as organ transplantation medical institution(No. 20, MOHU)for kidney, liver and bowels, pancreas, heart, lung, and cornea.