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Subject Pediatrics Ward transformed into patient-focused ward through Children-valued remodeling
Selection News Date 2015-11-12 Read 12750

The Korea University Anam Hospital Health Promotion Center held an opening ceremony for the pediatrics ward remodelling.


The Korea University Anam Hospital decided to change the environment of the hospital where is mostly considered to be horrible place for children into pleasant and comfortable considering children’s level. By performing survey on patient to find main point –the most inconvenience, things needed to be improved, and designing the most optimized arrangement and structure for children with various simulations, the best pediatrics ward has been established considering and realizing both patients and their family’s preference.


Not only the designing angled toward the children through remodelling, it was also important to make comfortable living environment. The most notable change was the extent of the hospital room. The five-bed ward replaced the existing six-bed ward to secure available space for baby carriage and personal belongings. In addition, the space where single room placed is now used for customer service room with professional medical team to respond inquiry and provide consultation service for better life in hospital ward.


Other significant changes are treatment room and restroom. These rooms located right next to the station are the improvement cases reflecting incommodity through research. The treatment room is considered to be fearful place for children all the time. For children refuse to get medical therapy with crying, Zoo concept has been applied to reestablish to be a space for amusement. Including door, ceiling, wall, mobile, and window with animal picture are prepared to set up playful room.


Moreover, the restroom was relocated near by the lienen room. Before then, it was located between the ward where the parents were difficult to use to leave their sick childeren at the hospital room alone By relocating the rest room the parents can use the restroom more conveniently.


Particularly, the name of the pediatrics ward was changed from ‘the 53 Pediatrics ward’ to ‘the Dodamdodam Teunteun Nuri Ward’ which means growing up well reflecting the wishes from the medical team.


Dr. Young-hoon Kim, the president of The Korea University Anam Hospital, said, “I can see many factors that considerate patients and their families in the new pediatrics ward. The pediatrics ward is the future of the Korea University Anam Hospital. I appreciate for the hard work.”

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