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Subject Health Promotion Center remodeling! Comfortable and luxurious
Selection News Date 2015-11-12 Read 54060

The Korea University Anam Hospital Health Promotion Center completed remodelingand became pleasant and comfortable.


The Health Promotion Center which is located at the main lobby with luxurious and comfortable interior has been receiving fervent resonses. The Korea University Anam Hospital decided to upgrade the exclusivity of the Center by rearranging with new furnitures and facilities.


Establishment of luxurious and cosy environment is the main target for the remodeling. With the proper illuminance set to create comfortable feeling for patients and their families and maximize therapeutic ambience. In addition, the furniture arrangement considering movement, not a just place for waiting for medical check-up, but for place for having communication and meeting are provided. Especially, with the aesthetic combination of color and the sophistication is improved. Other factors and interior elements like curtain, sofa, cushion, lighting, and table are considered in a variety of ways for the best place.


Korea University Anam Hospital Health Promotion Center giving off mood and atmosphere like hotellounge and providing pleasant and comfortable environment is known for its high customer satisfaction based on early diagnosis system and prevention as well as continuous efficient and high-quality medical check-up system.

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