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Subject President Park Jong-hoon Receives an Award from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
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President Park Jong-hoon Receives an Award from


the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs





"For his contribution to promoting rural welfare


Recognized for his proactive roles in providing medical services"


President Park Jong-hoon of Korea University Anam Hospital recently received an


award from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for his contribution to


the government’s policy on promoting rural welfare.



President Park Jong-hoon took office in 2018 and as his first task, he promoted rural 


medical volunteer programs as a part of social responsibility activities and laid the 


foundation for providing medical services in rural areas by signing an agreement with 


National Agricultural Cooperative Federation and the Rural Community Broadcasting 


Artists Community.



He shows respect for agriculture districts as he is an honorary village head for three


villages –Sampo 2-ri, Baekchon-ri and Songpo 1-ri of Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do.



Korea University Anam Hospital’s rural medical volunteers led by President Park Jong-


hoon have provided medical services in rural communities since Mach of last year,


visiting 7000 rural residents every year. A one-corporation-to-one-village-exchange


agreement was reached with Goseong-gun of Gangwon-do and other villages in the


region, providing a platform for exchange between a city and a rural community. The


hospital is proactively carrying out activities such as providing support for medical


services in Goseong-gun, a fire-stricken region in 2019 through the establishment of


sisterhood ties.



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