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Subject 2020 KU Medicine - KIST Cooperation Conference
Selection News Date 2020-01-17 Read 1244


“2020 KU Medicine KIST Cooperation


Conference”was successfully held







Establishing a foundation for promoting


KU Medicine- KIST joint research expected to


expand a virtuous cycle model for Convergence






Korea University Anam Hospital (President Park Jong-hoon)


held the “2020 KU Medicine - KIST Cooperation Conference”


at 6 p.m. on January 13 at Korea University’s Sudang Samyang


Faculty House.



The conference was organized to promote joint research between


KU Medicine and Korea Institute of Science and Technology


(KIST). Key researchers of KU Medicine including Kim Byung-jo,


Vice President for Medical Research & Academic Affairs of KU


Medicine, Son Sang-wook, Administrative Director for Medical


Research, Park Jong-woong, Head of Advisory Panel and Ham


Byoung-ju, Vice President for Medical Research of Korea


University Anam Hospital and key researchers of KIST including


Seok Hyun-kwang, Head of Advisory Panel of KIST and Director-


General, Yang Eun-gyeong, Director of Research Planning &


Coordination Division, and Roh Eun-joo, Head of Chemical


Kinomics Research Center attended the conference.





The participants shared their latest achievements and discussed


the establishment of an operational plan of 2020. An in-depth


discussion on how to improve the current research environment


related to the “Technology Commercialization System and


Program” and “Current Status of Hongneung Urban Regeneration


Special Zone Project” took place. “I hope the conference will


provide further impetus for sustainable cooperation between the


two organizations,” said Ham Byoung-ju, Vice President for


Medical Research. “I hope that joint research between the two


organizations will come to fruition and become a model for


creating virtuous-cycle of inter-organizational convergence


research,” replied Seok Hyun-kwang, Head of Advisory Panel


of KIST and Director-General.



Research cooperation between KU Medicine and KIST marks


the 6th anniversary this year since the creation of collaborative


relations in 2014. A translational clinical research center was


established in 2015 and over 30 workshops were held continuing


vibrant cooperation. 

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