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Subject Research Center for Regenerative Medicine of Korea University Signed an MOU with MD Healthcare and Ucaretron
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Research Center for Regenerative Medicine


of Korea University Signed an MOU with


MD Healthcare and Ucaretron



Using an extracellular vesicle diagnostic platform, it will be possible


to predict disease from urine alone



Research Center for Regenerative Medicine of Korea University


(Director Moon Du-geon, Professor of Department of Urology of Korea


University Guro Hospital) signed a strategic MOU on the development


of new medical technology with MD Healthcare (CEO Kim Yoon Keun),


a firm specializing in extracellular vesicles, and Ucaretron (CEO Jang


Jee Hwan), a firm specializing in electronic medical device and AI, on


the last 26th.



The signing ceremony was held at MD Healthcare and attended by


Director Moon Du-geon of Research Center for Regenerative Medicine


of Korea University, CEO Kim Yoon Keun of MD Healthcare and CEO


Jang Jee Hwan of Ucaretron discussing joint research and development.



The agreement was concluded to expand the nanovesicle-based disease


diagnostic platform which was accumulated by MD Healthcare for the


past 10 years and apply it in urologic disease diagnostics for the first


time in the world. MD Healthcare’s extracellular vesicle diagnostic


platform which was invited to JP Morgan Biotech Showcase 2020 is a


new diagnostic technology that can predict about 20 diseases such as


depression, dementia, stomach cancer, and lung cancer with up to 98%


of accuracy by identifying the correlation between the distribution of


intestinal microflora and disease with AI through analysis of urine or





A research team led by Director Moon Du-geon of Research Center for


Regenerative Medicine of Korea University has been leading the


development of diagnostic and treatment technologies for domestic and


foreign urologic diseases. By systematically studying the correlation


between urologic diseases such as cystitis, prostatitis, erectile


dysfunction, and prostate cancer and intestinal microflora through


extracellular vesicles, it has become possible to develop unique new


medical technology thanks to the cooperative relations. The urologic


diseases’ extracellular vesicle-based intestinal microflora database which


will be collected in the future is expected to create a new interpretation


map for human disease by converging with 50,000 other large-scale


disease databases that have been accumulated so far.



“Through this research, it is possible to diagnose urological disease with


simple urine analysis, and we intend to secure the world’s first treatment


method that considers prebiotics and postbiotics,” Director Moon Du-


geon Stated. “This could be a gamechanger in urological medical





“So far, the understanding of the disease has been achieved through a


traditional medical classification system. But the extracellular vesicle


approach can give new interpretations based on the interaction of


vesicles that are only tens of nanometer in size. With this cooperation,


we expect to further advance the diagnostic platform for extracellular


vesicles by improving the data of urologic diseases,” CEO Kim Yoon


Keun of MD Healthcare said.



Ucaretron will be in charge of AI analysis of large-volume of data


generated by the study, development of a new algorithm for tabular data


processing, and development of derived diagnostic devices.


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