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Subject KU Anam Hospital Expected to Become a Key Leader in the Medical Devices Industry
Selection News Date 2020-07-17 Read 74

Korea University Anam Hospital


Expected to Become a Key Leader


in the Medical Devices Industry






Medical Platform Innovation Center signs an agreement with numerous domestic companies


Will expand the distribution network and strengthen clinical trial stability



Korea University Anam Hospital Medical Platform Innovation Center (Director


Seung-Zoo Yoon) has recently attracted great attention in the medical industry


for its unparalleled footstep, previewing its role as a key leader in the industry.



The center signed an MOU with 10 Korean medical device distributors and a


CRO. This was done as a part of the “establishment of medical device


convergence industry ecosystem” of the center to expand the distribution


network of medical devices and strengthen the stability of clinical trials.



The MOU is based on the cooperation to specify markets in order to establish a


medical device industry ecosystem for improving treatments by promoting the


introduction of novel medical technologies based on the expansion of


distribution networks. Through the support for medical researchers’ product


development and release, the center will push ahead with detailed plans of


easing regulations for signing clinical trial and distribution with the researchers.



The center is expected to gain a great driving force of development and


commercialization of products through this grand scale agreement. “We would


be able to establish a new support system for researchers in the medical field


through strengthened stability of clinical trial and expanded distribution


network,” said Director Yoon. “I hope the center will become a stepping stone


for tearing down a wall between hospitals and companies and for co-


development so that the domestic medical devices can survive in global





Meanwhile, the center was started as a “Medical Device Innovation Project


Unit” and provided support for research’s initial establishment between


hospitals and companies and served as an intermediary to prevent conflicts. As a


result, the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy’s study was successfully


carried out, and it was re-established as an official organization of Korea


University Anam Hospital in September 2019, taking a leap as a key leader in


the medical devices industry.



[Parties to MOU]


● Distributors


- MODU Medical (CEO: Byungdoo Kim)


- WITH MEDICAL (CEO: Kwangryul Kim)


- MIN-K Medical Co., Ltd. (CEO: Wanggi Hong)


- Baek San International Co., Ltd. (CEO: Hyungju Seo)


- Sewon Co., Ltd. (CEO: Juhyun Kim)


- Woojo Co., Ltd. (CEO: Sunghyun Oh)


- Feeltech (CEO: Kihyun Han)


- ALT (CEO: Sungyeon Hong)


- HB Medical Co., LTD. (CEO: Daeyeol Lee)




- QRIO (CEO: Kyuri Min)

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