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Subject Korea University Ansan Hospital Signs an MOU with Shin Ansan University
Selection News Date 2020-07-10 Read 125

Korea University Ansan Hospital



Signs an MOU with



Shin Ansan University






Korea University Ansan Hospital (President Woon-young Kim) and Shin Ansan


University (President Song-Lak Kang) signed an MOU on July 10 at the


Seminar room of Shin Ansan University and pledged bilateral cooperation on


academic exchanges and joint research.



Korea University Ansan Hospital which is the only tertiary general hospital in


the region and a center of medical research and Shin Ansan University which is


a technical college of industry and academy cooperation established this


agreement to focus on the promotion of the biomedical industry which is a


bedrock of the fourth industrial revolution. Cooperative relations will be


deepened for promotion of the institutions’ medical industry including joint


research conduct, technology cooperation, join-use of research equipment and


facilities, and promotion of research human resources and people to people





“With this MOU, the two institutions could identify the common interests and


establish a foothold in creating outcomes by sharing research projects. I hope to


see a synergistic effect on the development of the two institutions and the


medical industry.” President Kim stated.



“I am glad that we can work with Korea University Ansan Hospital on research


and medical technologies that are essential in the process of pursuing


technological development for the medical industry,” President Kang said. “I


look forward to having bilateral relations that would lead the fourth industrial


revolution through regular symposiums and people-to-people and infrastructure



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