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Title KU College of Medicine BK21 Medical Science Center for Convergent Translational Research Selected for Phase Four of BK21

Hospital KU Medicine

Date 2020-12-22

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KU College of Medicine BK21 Medical Science


Center for Convergent Translational


Research Selected for Phase Four of BK21





Korea University College of Medicine (Dean Young-Wook Yoon) was selected


for BK21 FOUR (Fostering Outstanding Universities for Research, Phase 4 of


Brain Korea 21) project which is organized by the Ministry of Education and


National Research Foundation of Korea for the Medical Science Center for


Convergent Translational Research.



BK21 provides support such as research funding in order to promote technology


development in new industry areas and a stable academic research environment.


For the next 7 years starting this year, graduate students will receive monthly


research scholarships. New researchers’ salaries will be covered. Moreover, it


covers expenses of international programs such as long- and short-term overseas


training and other international cooperation activities for the next generation of


academics so that masters and doctoral researchers can focus on their studies


and research.



Korea University College of Medicine had the honor of being selected for BK21


project in 1999 despite fierce competition, recognized for its will to innovate the


graduate school system and its potential. In the past 20 years, it never failed to


be named in BK21 project selections. A total of 19.3 billion won has been


funded so far and 234 masters and 226 doctoral students went through this





The center is undergoing innovation, for example, pursuing convergent


translational research to promote interdisciplinary cooperation and challenge


new fields that would lead the fourth industrial revolution. As a culmination of


its efforts, 87% of its PhDs are contributing to the development of science


technology and industry. Compared to the initial stage of the project, the


number of SCI-level papers has risen by 300% and the number of patent


registration has risen by more than 800%.



“The previous three phases of BK21 have changed university’s research culture


in our country and contributed to the enhancement of the education capability of


universities which are responsible for nurturing the next generation of


academics,” Im-Joo Rhyu (Professor of Department of Anatomy) who leads the


center stated. “With this fourth phase, Korea University College of Medicine


hopes to play a pivotal role in securing future talents who will be a growth


engine for national innovation and to solve social issues at hand by proactively


ascertaining the academic demands of the future society.”