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Benefits for alumni and Koreans abroad

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KUMC offers benefits to alumni, ethnical Korean, and their spouses, and direct family members living abroad under the agreement between KUMC and each of Korean Society when they use our hospital as outpatient or take comprehensive physical examination while visiting Korea.


Request of Korean Society > Reception of Customer Service Team > Reception and Appointment at Administration
Office > See the Doctor > Hospitalization(if needed)

  • For information on Examination(Customer Service Team) : 02-920-5893
  • Fax : 02-920-6523
  • Email :
  • Confirmation : With the proof of confirmation by the president of New England Alumni Society or the president of Korean Society
  • Appointment : by telephone or FAQ to Public Cooperation Team of KUMC or Customer Service Team in the three hospitals affiliated to KUMC
  • Reception -> Examination -> Payment -> Issuing Prescription -> Prescription (helped by person in charge)
  • Hospitalization(if needed) - giving priority of bed assignment (in cooperation with Administration Office)

Visiting as outpatient

  • After the first reception of Customer Service Team, they are referred to a proper reception desk after consideration of hospital situation(in cooperation with Administration Office)

Using Emergency Care Center

  • After cooperation of doctors with night shift staff in the emergency care center.

Required Documents

  • proof-of-confirmation issued by the president of alumni or president of Korean Society
  • alumnus or Korean ethnic certification
  • foreign registration license
  • documents which can verify Korea University alumni or Korean ethnics


  • Diseases covered by National Health Insurance : 100 % covered by NHIC
    (bills paid fully by patients, including selective treatment)
  • Diseases not covered by National Health Insurance
    Alumni (20% discount from normal payment),
    Non-Alumni : direct family members/spouses, overseas Korean ethnics(10% discount from normal payment)
  • Comprehensive physical examination : 30% discount for alumni(including spouses, direct family members), 10% discount for Korean ethnics

Countries and Cities under Agreement (as of June 25, 2007)

  • the Philippines, Vancouver(Canada), Hong Kong, Sydney(Australia), Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, Bangladesh, the U.K.
  • US : Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, New England, Guam, Hawaii, New York, Dallas
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