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Change and Challenge to be a world leading hospital Korea University Anam Hospital

Korea University Anam Hospital has developed from 400-bed Hyehwa Hospital to be what it is today, about 1000-bed large medical facility. The hospital was relocated to the current place in 1991 and went through many rounds of expansions and additions. In particular, massive renovations and addition of research building which started in 2005 made the place environment-friendly. It does not stop changes and innovations through additions and expansions of its facilities and environment like Intensive Care Units, Emergency Center, Health Promotion Center and facilities for outpatients.

In addition, the hospital is

fully devoted to raising its medical service quality by introducing state-of-the-art equipment and systems such as Robot surgery, Linear Accelerator, 3.0T MRI, PET-CT, and TLA and hiring top-notch medical professionals from abroad and at home. It is transforming itself as the most reliable hospital and the leading hospital in Korea through continued service training and education on sense of community.

Korea University Anam Hospital

will not be satisfied with what it is today.
To be a hospital of global standards, it is making multifaceted efforts such as the certification of Joint Commission International (JCI). Based on such efforts, the hospital will provide quality medical services through up-to-date facilities and equipment and experienced medical professionals.


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