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Ansan Hospital

Korea University Ansan Hospital,
the Mecca of Medicine and Service in Northeast Asia

Ansan Hospital

Korea University Ansan Hospital contributes to the promotion of national health through quality medical examination, creative research and fostering of medical professionals. With the philosophy of Health and Love for People, the Hospital opened in April 15, 1985. Since then, it has provided truly patient-oriented medical services, backed by advanced medical infrastructure such as experienced medical faculty, MIS, PACS, and PET-CT.

Medical services(1)

Specialized centers from Concentration and Selection strategy In terms of patient care capabilities, the Hospital developed specialized centers, based on specific local characteristics, such as Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Emergency Medical Center, Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Health Promotion Center, Sleep Disorder Center, Laboratory Medicine Center, and Gastroenterology Center. It also specialized in endoscopy medicine, minimally invasive surgery using laparoscopy, and funnel chest surgery which has the most surgery cases and the highest success rates in the world. At the same time, it opened Gastroenterology Center, Minimally Invasive Surgery Center and Funnel Chest Center. This made the hospital to be a center-oriented one that can compete with prestigious hospitals in the world.

Medical services(2)

Global research institute for advanced medicine Ansan Hospital runs Medical Science Research Institute, Human Gene Research Institute and Aging Research Institute which are globally recognized and spearheads the efforts of Korea University Medical Center to realize advanced medicine with non-stopping research efforts.

Medical services(3)

Practice of medical service for sharing and voluntary service Ansan Hospital deliver various voluntary and philanthropic services, including support for Koreans in Sakhalin, support for foreign worker’s center in Ansan, free breast cancer examination for citizens, dispatch of voluntary, philanthropic medical service team to Pakistan, and support for Philippine children with heart diseases, to be part of local community and touch people with sprit of safeguarding human life and happiness.