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Since founded in 1963, College of Health Sciences Korea University has the longest history and tradition in Korea Health-related academic fields and still retains a high position and reputation as a public health professional educational institution and presently performs its duty as the leader.

The college had seven departments including clinical pathology, radiology, physical therapy, dental lab science, public health administration, and one faculty of health science(departments of food and nutrition, and environmental health) for undergraduate programs. In addition, we are going to include "department of biomedical engineering" as a undergraduate program and "department of health science" as a graduate program in 2008. We currently run national and international accredited inspection institutions, as well as a health science research center dedicated to the next generation national core health science. Furthermore, we run special courses on ultrasonic waves and dental lab science, and hold a variety of patented technologies related to functional food and hazardous material processing, which contributes to the research and specialization of public health science technology.

Nowadays, more innovative changes in public health environment for human healthy and quality life are required. A college which educates medical healthcare personnel should fulfill whole new requirements for globally supporting talented people who should contribute to enhancement of human health, the improvement of medical technology, and development of better health policy.

In order to achieve those goals described above, this college tries to have an excellent faculty of professors, curricula and educational infrastructures to become an educational institution capable of realizing the values of health culture through specialization, internationalization, and communication of studies. In particular, we fully cooperate with other medical colleges and hospitals centering on Medical Complex to foster world-class public health specialists and bring excellent research outcomes. Futhermore, with the cutting-edge research equipments and a good faculty secured, we provide excellent public health specialists to the society.

Presently, our college is one of the world-class schools with the vision of "Global Standard College in Health Science" aiming at fostering public health specialists who will lead the 21st century health future.

College of Health Science

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