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Agreement Status with Overseas Institutions

Agreement Status with Overseas Institutions
Continent Country Institution
Africa Ethiopia University of Gondar College of Medicine and Health Sciences
JImma University
South Sudan University of Juba College of Medicine
Asia Bangladesh International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh(icddr,b)
China Aviation General Hospital of China Medical University
Guangdong Hospital of TCM
Jixi Mining Group's General Hospital
Northern Jiangsu People's Hospital
Southeast University
The Second People's Hospital of XinXiang Henan
Indonesia Universitas Gadjah Mada Faculty of Medicine
Japan Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences
Kumamoto University School of Medicine
Kurume University School of Medicine
The National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Kazakhstan Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Health Management of the South Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan National Medical University
Massimov Health Center
National Medical Holding
Republican Research Center for Emergency Care
The Medical Center of the President's Affairs Administration
Mongolia Governor Office of Omnogovi Province
Health Science University of Mongolia
International Medical Center(IMC)
National Cancer Center of Mongolia
Shastin Central Hospital
Singapore Changi General Hospital
National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
Taiwan Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Europe Bulgaria Medical University - Sofia
Finland University of Jyväskylä
Germany Biotechnology Park Luckenwalde
German Cancer Research Center
Turkey Sifa University
United Kingdom Ortho-Trauma (UK) Limited
North America Canada Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine
United States Caldwell College
ITM Corporation
University of California, Irvine School of Medicine
University of Maryland School of Public Health
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
University of Michigan College of Engineering Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
Oceania Australia Griffith University
South America Bolivia Universidad Tecnica De Oruro
Etc. Universitas 21
Association for Medical Education in the Western Pacific Region

Agreement Status with Domestic Institutions

Agreement Status with Domestic Institutions
Date Institution Subject
2007. 03. 20 Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology Research-related cooperation
2007. 08. 13 JeollaNamdo Provincial Office Cooperation for medical cluster creation
2007. 09. 13 Sungshin Women's University Nursing personnel exchange
2007. 10. 22 Incheon Medical Center Management knowledge exchange
2007. 11. 20 Korea Polar Research Institute Research-related cooperation
2008. 08. 25 Hamyang-gun Cooperation for bioindustry projects
2008. 11. 18 Seongbuk-gu Health Center Cooperation for public health
2008. 11. 21 Korea Testing Laboratory Clinical research cooperation
2009. 03. 06 Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster
Cooperation for firemen with Post-traumatic
stress disorder
2009. 04. 21 US Army Medical Department Activity Korea Medical treatment cooperation
2009. 04. 28 Kukminilbo Kukinews Cooperation for public health promotion
2009. 06. 23 National Rehabilitation Center Patient referral cooperation, Research cooperation
2009. 07. 06 Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences Management knowledge exchange
2009. 08. 11 The Armed Forces Medical Command Patient referral cooperation, Research cooperation
2009. 11. 12 Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute Research-related cooperation
2010. 01. 20 Gyeonggi-do Fire Services Cooperation for emergency medicine system
2010. 04. 02 Korea Institute of Sport Science Medical cooperation for members of the national team
2010. 05. 20 Seongbuk Fire Station Medical treatment cooperation
2010. 07. 09 Korea International Cooperation Agency
Cooperation for ODA projects of health sector
for developing country
2010. 08. 23 KDI School of Public Policy and Management Medical treatment cooperation
2010. 09. 07 Korea Public Health Association Cooperation for public health
2010. 11. 09 Seongbuk-gu District Office Cooperation for public health promotion
2011. 02. 14 Nambu District Office of Education, Seoul Cooperation for Hospital school program
2011. 03. 01 Korean Industrial Health Association Patient referral cooperation
2011. 04. 07 Pocheon City Government Cooperation for medical tour
2011. 04. 13 Africa Future Foundation Academic exchange
2011. 04. 15 Bongwha-gun Medical treatment cooperation
2011. 06. 01 KEPCO Medical Center Cooperation for Cardiosurgery procedure
2011. 07. 01 Guro Fire Station Cooperation for emergency medicine system
2011. 07. 13 Gochang-gun Medical treatment cooperation
2011. 09. 08 Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Cooperation for Co-marketing
2012. 04. 01 Korea Institute of Science and Technology Medical treatment cooperation
2012. 05. 01 Samsung C & T Cooperation for overseas health care projects
2012. 05. 10 Ansan Office of Education Medical treatment cooperation
2012. 06. 07 Guro-gu District Office Cooperation for suicide-prevention
2012. 06. 29 Seongbuk Police Station Community program cooperation
2012. 07. 26 Korea Organ Donation Agency Cooperation for organ donation
2013. 04. 15 Korea Institute of Construction Materials Research-related cooperation
2013. 04. 26 Korea Photonics Technology Institute Research-related cooperation
2013. 06. 04 Seoul National University College of Veterinary Medicine Research-related cooperation
2013. 07. 09 Siheung City Government Cooperation for local resident health
2013. 08. 02 Korean Olympic Committee
(Taereung National Training Center)
Medical treatment cooperation
2013. 08. 09 Guro Police Station Community program cooperation
2013. 08. 16 Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology Academic, personnel exchange
2013. 10. 17 Green Cross Corp. Research cooperation and academic exchange
2014. 02. 21 Cheong Ju Medical Center Public Health cooperation, Personnel exchange
2014. 03. 11 Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee Medical cooperation for the Asian Games
2014. 03. 12 Gyeonggi Technopark Research-related cooperation
2014. 05. 22 Korea Basic Science Institute Research cooperation
2014. 09. 25 Korea Health Industry Development Institute Research cooperation
2014. 10. 30 Korea Polytechnic University Research cooperation
2015. 02. 02 Ansan Danwon Health Center Cooperation for mental health center management
2015. 02. 04 Kwangwoon University Industry-Academic Collaboration Foundation, Plasma Bioscience Research Center Cooperation for medical device development
2015. 03. 10 Kyungpook National University Laser Application Center Cooperation for medical device development
2015. 04. 09 Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health & Welfare Cooperation for nurture of human resources in the medical field
2015. 04. 29 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Cooperation for free distribution of the BIMS(Biobank Information Management System)
2015. 05. 18 Il-Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Research-related cooperation
2015. 05. 22 Korean University Council for Social Service Medical treatment cooperation for support of volunteers
2015. 07. 21 Korea Electronics Technology Institute Cooperation for medical device development
2015. 07. 22 Green Cross Medical Science Cooperation for medical device development
2015. 07. 24 Gyeonggi Institute of Science & Technology Promotion Research-related cooperation
2015. 07. 30 Korean In Vitro Diagnostics Committee Cooperation for medical device development
2015. 08. 20 National Medical Center Comprehensive cooperation for the development in public health and mutual interest
2015. 08. 24 Association for Medical Education in the Western Pacific Region Cooperation for external evaluations of medical school programs
2015. 10. 02 Korea Brain Research Institute Research cooperation and academic exchange
2015. 10. 06 Seegene Medical Foundation Medical treatment cooperation for support of volunteers
2015. 10. 07 Boryung Soo&Soo, Ltd. Research-related cooperation
2015. 10. 20 Green Cross Genome Research-related cooperation
2015. 10. 28 Jeollanam-do Jangseong-Gun Cooperation for local resident health
2015. 11. 01 The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea(center), Central Theological University Medical treatment cooperation
2015. 11. 24 Korea Testing Laboratory Research-related cooperation
2015. 12. 14 Chonbuk National University, College of Veterinary Medicine Research-related cooperation
2016. 02. 23 Miracle for Africa Foundation Cooperation for medical assistance in Africa

Enrollment in the List of Approved Overseas Medical Schools for Medical Registration to Practice In Singapore by the Singapore Ministry of Health


  • Singapore Ministry of Health has been selecting qualified overseas medical schools so that capable medical personnel can have an opportunity to work in Singapore to meet rising demand in the medical service field due to old population growth in Singapore. In Korea, only 3 medical schools are approved by Singapore MOH including KU college of medicine.


  • Graduates from KU College of Medicine are authorized as those who are qualified for medical activity and internship in Singapore.
  • Doctors who have required clinical experience after having graduated from KU College of Medicine can apply for a medical institution in Singapore.

Global Healthcare Project

Korea University Medical Center(KUMC) has been striving to contribute to the society with its highest capacity in all areas of education, research and clinical. As one of the best comprehensive medical institution, KUMC is also sharing its experiences and knowledges with many foreign countries by participating in various global healthcare projects which are exporting KUMC's innovative medical service, system and technology to the developing countries. For the global healthcare project, KUMC suggest customized solutions to the partner institutions including consultation, training, joint research and management advisory. The goal of the KUMC global healthcare project is to create a global network with the partner institutions in the world and to enhance advancement of world health.

List of KUMC Global Healthcare Project

List of KUMC Global Healthcare Project
Project name Country Client Work Scope
International Medical Center(IMC) Project Mongolia International
Medical Center
  • Consultation for hospital opening
  • Dispatching doctors & nurses
  • Training
  • Referral service for severe patients
  • Second opinion for diagnosis
Basic Design Study on the Project for the Improvement of the Health System in Oruro, Bolivia Bolivia Korea International Cooperation Agency
  • Basic Design study for hospital construction
Project for the improvement of the Health system in Oruro, Bolivia Bolivia Korea International Cooperation Agency
  • Consultation for hospital opening
  • Training for medical staffs
  • Hospital operational efficiency enhancement program
Algeria Tizi-Ouzou University Hospital Establishment Project Algeria AREES
  • Consultation for hospital opening
  • Training for medical staffs
  • Overall consultation for hospital operation
End-of-project Evaluation for 19 projects in Central Asia, CIS Countries Asia, CIS Korea International Cooperation Agency
  • End-of-project Evaluation
Feasibility Study on John Lee Memorial Teaching Hospital Project South Sudan Korea Eximbank
  • Feasibility study for hospital construction
2012 Dr. LEE Jong-wook Fellowship Program Asia Korea Foundation for International Healthcare
  • Invitational training program for doctors & nurses from Asia countries
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