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Guro Hospital

Since its opening in 1983, Korea University Guro Hospital has played
a central role in the Korean medicine.

Guro Hospital

Now it is trying to take off toward a medical institution with global competitiveness as it built a sophisticated medical hub.

With the addition of eight-story building with four basement floors completed in 2007 and the recently completed renovation of eight story main building with one basement floor, it provides an innovative environment with 1050 beds and customer convenience facilities.

The introduction of state-of-the-art equipments, including Linear Accelerator, PET-CT, MRI 3.0T, 64 channel CT, one stop laboratory system TLA, Digital angiocardiography and angiography, and implementation of Full PACS made it possible to build a medical environment of global standards.

Medical services(1)

The Hospital provides the best quality medical service through specialized centers such as Cardiovascular Center, Cancer Center, Liver & Gastric Tract Center, Diabetes Center, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Center, Skin Center, and other specialized clinics. One Day Care System had expanded into cardiovascular surgery and diabetic surgery to allow for examination and surgery done on the same day. It also pays attention to special diseases and reinforces public medical service through Rare Incurable Disease Clinic and hospice ward.

The Health Promotion Center led by experienced medical faculty is equipped with top-class facilities and equipments, and provides tailored checkup programs, leading to preventive medicine. The Emergency Medical Center, which can accomodate emergency patients in the area, built an emergency medical system including Heliport on top of new building to make all emergency patients quickly transferred. It is equipped with organ transplant operation rooms, operation rooms with newest ventilation system, and intensive care unit equipped with latest hepafilter.

Guro Hospital is devoted not only to patient care but also to education. It fosters core medical faculty through overseas training programs and provides well-structured academic programs for foreign medical students as well as Korean intern doctors visiting Guro Hospital. It also accommodates apprentice nurses from five nursing colleges, and medical engineers of Health and Science College envision their career path with the hospital.

Medical services(2)

It also boasts of research capabilities, not to mention educational capabilities. With numerous SCI papers published, it carries out government-sponsored projects such as Skin Laboratory Medical Center, Clinical Test Center of Medical Equipment (the first in Korea), and Second Type Diabetes Research Center, Korea Lung Tissue Bank, Korea Human Bio Repository Network and Metabolic Syndrome research project. Particularly, the Industrial-Academic Cooperation Network, based on specific characteristics of the area serves to activate research activities including clinical tests of medical equipment and medical scientific research.

Guro Hospital practices sharing and voluntary service for the marginalized social classes at home and abroad, as well as overseas disaster-stricken areas. It has waged various services, such as free medical examination and health lectures for local residents, free medical examination for foreign workers, support for starving children, people in desperate need, blood donation, free medical examination on the spine of handicapped people in the nation, specialized center for rare incurable diseases, and massive medical philanthropic service in disaster-stricken areas in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It will continue to serve for medically marginalized people at home and abroad in addition to strengthening medical care, educational resources, and research capabilities.

Guro Hospital will make utmost efforts to be a medical hub in Northeast Asia by implementing its master plan which includes the stronger industrial-academic cooperation network, connection with knowledge-based industry, addition of medical science research center and outpatient center, establishment of specialized international hospital, and creation of global medical network.