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College of Medicine

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College of Medicine

College of Medicine Korea University consists of around 370 professors and 800 students based on the noble foundation principles of the Korea University, Freedom, Justice and Truth, it makes its best efforts to foster quality doctors responsible for future medical healthcare and to meet Global KU(Korea University) mostly driven by Globalization.

Started as Kyungsung Women's Medical College in 1938, Korea University College of Medicine has carried out its role and duty by providing 7,000 graduates so far as doctors and leaders in society for the public health improvement.

We also do our best to become one of the best world universities with the pride that we are the best private university in Korea. To achieve our goal, we set out our future directions and several mid-long term targets.

First, as for students' educational support, we has been contributing to performing the digitalization of the medical library. As for e-learning project which will totally be different experiences in the future in learning and evaluation fields, we will make it the best in Korea within five years and, beyond that period, we will lay a foundation toward a world-class college. As for students' welfare, we are planning to build a dormitory and a new building for College of Medicine, which are part of the wish lists of parent's, and most of them are being materialized at the moment.

In order to be a research-oriented university which by facilitating research projects will hopefully be approved at home and abroad, we have been increasing research funds, space extension, and research personnel resources. In the hospitals affiliated to Korea University College of Medicine, steady constructions to extend research-only space are already in progress, and the reinforcement of research personnels will be a stepping stone toward a mecca of research along with the reform of the graduate school.

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