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Located in the premises of College of Health Science, Korea University in Jeongneung, Health Science Library Korea University began it’s genesis as "Central Library Public Health Annex" in June 1981, renamed in October 2000 as "the Health Science Library affiliated to Korea University, and finally changed it names as the current " Health Science Library, Korea University" in March 2006 according to the integrated management with Korea University.

Located in the Freedom facility, the library carries a floor space of 500 pyeong (1,650㎡) from the 2nd to 5th floor, equipped with multimedia room, books room, reference room, and series publication, as well as reading room and group study room, which help users for their studies and learning activities. In terms of health science and basic medical science, the library has 70,000 volumes of books, 250 kinds of domestic and foreign academic magazines, 200 kinds of e-journals, and 4,000 nonbook materials for research and learning activities.

Connected to the entire computer network system of Korea University, library users can access to updated of public health/medical information at home and aboard at any time and any place within campus and also available for various library services via homepage.

In later 2008, the Health Science Library will have a new library facility with a floor space of 1,500 pyeong (4,950㎡). And it will be able to maximally facilitate user's convenience and fulfill its function as a facility for the public health and academic information center.

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